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Live Tweeting helped me, if no one else

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Gotta admit, I kinda liked it. On Saturday afternoon, I live Tweeted the fourth quarter of a high school football game between Newton North and Norwood on my cell phone, and I must say that the stream of Tweets I generated proved to be extremely valuable — to me.

I can’t imagine anyone else was following my feed, partly because I didn’t tell the Newton TAB, for which I was writing a game story, about my Tweeting; and partly because people who really care about high school sports typically attend events themselves.

However, reviewing my own Tweets did help me write the article. The clarity of text on a screen beats that of my handwriting on a notepad every time, and it is very possible that I am a faster typer — even on a cell phone keypad — than I am scribbler.

For selfish reasons alone, I actually might do this again in the near future.

But, of course, we don’t Tweet for ourselves, so the question is What value does live Tweeting hold for readers? Well, I think that for big games — say, Thanksgiving or playoffs — there might be an audience, even at the high school level.

For instance, I spent Friday night at a family get-together that included my 16-year-old sister-in-law. She goes to Medway High School, whose football team was hosting Westwood that evening in a battle between two of the four teams tied atop the Tri-Valley League. She couldn’t attend the game in person, so a friend texted updates throughout.

It wasn’t Twitter, but it was the same thing — a game-goer using a cell phone to keep another fan in the loop. Pretty cool stuff.

So, it appears some people might use a Twitter service like the one with which I experimented Saturday. And, if not, at least I will.


Written by callumborchers

November 1, 2010 at 1:49 pm

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